This is a post in the pay band 9,300-34,800 with grade pay of RS 4,200.
This post comes under CAG and this organisation only allocate the states/zones to DAs. The allocation is made to different states’ AG offices as per the position of merit and state preferences of an individual.

They discharge the role of Financial Advisers to the Executive Engineers and ensure a measure of proficiency in the accounting of public works transactions besides serving the needs of internal audit.

There are some departments in every state like agriculture; irrigation; etc. Each such department is further divided into some divisions. The head of the accounting branch of such division is called DIVISIONAL ACCOUNTANT. He has to see everything regarding expenses incurred on an item falling into his area; make estimation of an expense to be incurred on an item and prepare budget regarding the same; and etc. The final decision is to be taken by his seniors who normally don’t make an objection on the file put by the Division Accountant. All in all this post is reported to be very good. I have heard that this post does not exist in Delhi, but I’m not sure about.

The next promotion for DA is for DA GRADE-II in grade pay of Rs 4600 and takes 4-5 years normally. For the promotion there is a departmental exam which is a must to be passed for that promotion. The minimum qualifying period for promotion is 3 years.

Promotions are like this:
1. Divisional Accountant—-Grade Pay 4200
2. Divisional Accountant Officer Grade-II Grade Pay 4600
3. DA Officer Grade-I (Gazetted group-B) Grade pay 4800
4. Sr DA Officer (gazetted group-B) grade pay 5400

Note: Being Group-C service, the age relaxation for central govt employees serving for 3 years continuously is 40 years for this post.

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